Enriching Communities - We believe we have a responsibility to inform, inspire and support neighborhoods across the U.S.
Presenting Diverse Programming & Workforce - At iHeartMedia we value diversity as a cornerstone of our business and we embrace it as a business strategy.
Serving Local Needs - iHeartMedia invests in and partners with individuals and organizations that are relevant to local communities.
Responding to Disasters - iHeartMedia plays a critical role in communities when disasters strike.
iHeartMedia and all of its broadcast radio stations are dedicated to inspiring and creating positive change that improves the lives of others. The company’s community programs are built on the idea that through public awareness and education we can drive attention and action that directly addresses today’s most pressing issues. In 2015, iHeartMedia supported thousands of local and nonprofit organizations nationwide and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for critical issues both in the United States and globally.

The company’s national campaigns primarily fall into these categories:

Family & Social ImpactHealth & WellnessEducation & LiteracyMusic & Arts
The mission of iHeartMedia Communities is to galvanize local radio and outdoor resources to educate and inspire residents to make a difference within their own communities.  Throughout the year, iHeartMedia radio stations and Clear Channel Outdoor regions work together to spotlight thousands of local and national nonprofits.

2015 Impact Report

impact reportLearn more about iHeartMedia Communities' mission and commitment to serve local neighborhoods.