iHeartMedia Announces “Cool Zone Media,” A New Progressive Podcast Network From Investigative Journalist And Star Podcaster Robert Evans

The Network will Include Both Scripted and Unscripted Podcasts That Deliver Progressive Journalism and Stories From Emerging and Established Podcasters

Building Off Evans’ Long Line of Hit Podcasts, Cool Zone Media to Launch with a Dozen Podcasts Including New Daily Show “It Could Happen Here” Which Debuts Today - Listen HERE

NEW YORK -- August 16, 2021 - iHeartMedia, the No. 1 podcast publisher globally according to Podtrac, announced today Cool Zone Media, a new podcast network powered by journalist Robert Evans that will chronicle the divisive truths of the past and present in order to bring about a better, more informed future. Cool Zone Media will expand upon iHeartMedia’s existing slate of hit podcasts with author and investigative journalist including the bizarre life histories of some of the greatest villains in “Behind the Bastards,” which consistently ranks among the top 10 most downloaded shows on the iHeartPodcast Network; a fictional Texas wracked by civil war in “After the Revolution,” the top fiction series in iHeartPodcast Network history; and other popular series. Additionally, Evans, who will serve as the head of content for Cool Zone Media, will be joined by the iHeartPodcast Network’s executive producer, Sophie Lichterman, who will become Cool Zone Media’s head of creative, to help curate and elevate other vital voices in today’s progressive political landscape for the network. Cool Zone Media will debut today with the first episode of the new daily podcast “It Could Happen Here,” available on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

“Remember when the world didn't feel like it was coming apart? Neither do I,” said Evans. “Cool Zone Media won’t mince words: we are currently living through the collapse of the known and the birth of a new unknown. This new network will chronicle the journey and provide advice and access to those voices trying to build a better future.”         

The new daily series “It Could Happen Here” will focus on climate change and picks up where Evans’ fast-paced, terrifying and fascinating 10-episode weekly podcast by the same name left off. In his first adaptation, Evans revealed how, in his travels across the cities shattered by the Ukrainian Civil War, he heard one sentence over and over again: "I never thought this could happen here." The idea of a new American Civil War may seem histrionic, absurd and impossible, but an increasing number of experts have come to agree: It can happen here, and this new series accepts this fact and provides a roadmap to survival in the burning ruins of the “old world.” The first episode launches today, August 16.

This September, Cool Zone Media will debut its second original podcast “Assault on America.” Written and co-produced by one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent podcast companies, Novel, the show will examine the events of January 6, 2021 when a vast constellation of right-wing groups converged on Washington D.C., united by a falsehood that the Democrats stole the 2020 election, and ransacked the United States Capitol resulting in five deaths and hundreds of injuries. Hosted by Evans, an expert on the far-right who published a report on January 5, 2021 warning of the events coming, “Assault on America” will dig into the events of January 6th in forensic detail, identifying key players who spread disinformation and helped to create a riot. He will trace the stories of instigators, militia leaders and far right influencers, and unpack a mighty disinformation campaign that was years in the making. As Evans journeys deep into the digital fever swamp, he considers a crucial question: was the storming of the U.S. Capitol the final convulsion of a dying movement, or was it the first shot in a new civil war?

Other creators joining Cool Zone Media will include rapper and author Jason “Propaganda” Petty, who will bring with him his podcast “Hood Politics,” where he breaks down the seemingly confusing political landscape in an understandable way, assuring listeners that If they have survived junior high school, lived in an urban city or understand gang life, they can understand geopolitics. Journalist and filmmaker Jake Hanrahan, will also join the network with his current podcast “Q Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon,” as well as collaborate on a slate of forthcoming shows for Cool Zone Media. Additionally the network will feature upcoming projects from podcasters Bridget Todd (“There Are No Girls On The Internet”) and Jamie Loftus (“Lolita Podcast,” “Aack Cast”) as well as researcher Christopher Wong and journalist Garrison Davis.

“We are excited to launch Cool Zone Media to help elevate vital political voices and viewpoints that are so often overlooked,” said Will Pearson, Chief Operating Officer, iHeartPodcast Network. “With a combined 100 million plus downloads across Robert’s current iHeartRadio podcasts, the appetite for this unfiltered brand of investigative journalism is clear, and we know Cool Zone Media’s content creators will inspire thought-provoking conversation as Robert and the team work to illuminate some of the most complex issues within the rapidly changing global political landscape.”

More podcasts and creators set to join Cool Zone media will be announced in the coming months.

About Cool Zone Media

Cool Zone Media is a podcast network helmed by investigative journalist Robert Evans and executive producer Sophie Lichterman, with a mission to build a brighter future through storytelling from vital voices. The network is named for a phrase popularized in 2020, “The Cool Zone,” used to describe periods of history where anything appears possible - for better or worse. With more than 100 million downloads across its podcasts, Cool Zone Media chronicles the divisive truths of the past and present with a message to bring about a better, more informed future. Current slate includes: “After the Revolution;” “Behind the Bastards,” which ranks among the top 10 most downloaded shows across the iHeartPodcast Network; “Behind the Insurrectionists;” “Behind the Police;” “Hood Politics with Prop;” “It Could Happen Here;” “Q Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon;” “Uprising: A Guide to Portland;” “The Women’s War;” “Worst Year Ever;” and “Assault on America.” Cool Zone Media is distributed through the iHeartPodcast Network.

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